Kingswood Campsite

Kingswood Campsite

Woodsmoke Youth Camp Staff & Volunteers

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Counselors Sought for Woodsmoke Events at Kingswood!

Female and male counselors are needed to work with returning counselors in sites each week. Experienced program staff includes a Program Director, chaplain, nurse, lifeguards, and food service personnel. The 9th-10th and the 11th-12th grade youth will participate in age suitable camp construction projects under skilled adult leadership.

Each Woodsmoke unit has two platform tents, one for boys and one for girls, with six beds apiece. Counselors may sleep in the tents or in separate dome tents pitched on the site.

The date for Woodsmoke Youth Camp 2017 is: July 16th-22nd.

Please plan to arrive by 2:00 pm the day before camp begins (July 16th) for training and orientation. This training session is mandatory. Please save the date.

Compensation: A $300 stipend is offered for each week served. Plus, you will eat great food, be surrounded by nature, and work with some amazing youth and staff!

Persons interested in being a Woodsmoke counselor should apply online. The application process is through our sister camp, Quinipet. When you click on this link, you will be taken to the Quinipet site. Choose your desired position as “Woodsmoke counselor.”

An Equal Opportunity Employer.


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Understanding Woodsmoke as a Christian Camp

Our mission is to give children and youth an opportunity to experience and explore the outdoors, and discuss and examine their spiritual faith in a safe environment. We strive to meet campers where they are in their faith journey. Our program is designed to open minds, not to intimidate or overwhelm. We do not promise our campers a spiritual awakening, but we do promise to take the very best care of them while they are here and give them a chance to share and discover Christian Faith.

The United Methodist Church owns and operates the site through their outdoor ministries program. We believe that this program is a good way to introduce children to a spiritual outlook on life. We hope that the “Christian by Example” program, combined with a progressive view of the modern church, will give children and youth an expanded way of viewing their faith in this confusing world.

We feel the best way to do this is by hiring staff that can comfortably share their faith through programming, but also and more importantly, by example. By being good stewards to the environment and our community, our staff should strive to become good role models for our campers. Staff plays a critical role in helping children and youth understand that, although at times may be confusing, a spiritual outlook on life can be rewarding. Our campers and staff come from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds predominantly, but not limited to, Christianity. We ask that our staff is open to exploring their own spiritual understanding as well as being open to others exploring their own.

Our Christian Programming focuses on God’s Universal Love for everyone as they are; the importance of being good stewards of the Earth; and the value of Community.

Please e-mail any questions to